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Welcome to Star Touring and Riding (STAR) International Chapter 305 Shepherd’s Corner. We’re glad you’re interested in our organization as it is a social group whose main goal is to Ride Safe and have FUN!

What is the Shepherd Program and Who is a Shepherd?

A Shepherd has the responsibility of greeting and signing up new members as they join us at our chapter events. Shepherds will educate new riders on the chapter’s rules and regulations, specifically the ride rules, signals, etc. Shepherds help new members feel comfortable at chapter events and are the main contact person in the chapter for new members. Shepherds are accomplished and highly experienced riders who have volunteered in their capacity to make any new member’s experience with Chapter 305 – a positive one.

We hope that the following FAQ’s help to answer some of your questions about STAR Chapter 305. Feel free to click here and “Ask a Shepherd” if you have additional questions.


What is Star International?

Star International is a family oriented group of motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the world. Click on the link in this website for more information.

What is Star Chapter 305?

We are a local chapter of the International organization and our overall intent is to ride safely and have FUN. Check out our mission statement  page of our website.

What are the requirements to ride with Chapter 305?

  • Motorcycle license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Driver and/or passenger ride waiver
  • The ride waiver will include an emergency number and although it is optional, we highly recommend that you complete that section.

Where do I find Ride and Safety Rules?

STAR Chapter 305 rides in a staggered formation and have standard hand signals. We can provide you with copies of our hand signals when you attend a meeting.

When and where are the Chapter meetings held?

Meetings are the First Thursday of each month at a local restaurant. Check the Meetings page for details.

Do I need to join STAR International before I can join 305? 

Yes, Please see link on our website for joining STAR International.

Do I need to own a Yamaha motorcycle to become a member?

No, all types of motorcycles are welcome in 305.

What requirements do I need to fulfill to become a member of Chapter 305?

A minimum of (3) Chapter 305 rides and attend (2) chapter meetings within a 5 month period. This gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other. Once this is accomplished, a vote by the general membership will be brought up at the next meeting.                     

How  much are the Chapter dues?

$20 per person or $30 for a family per year – usually paid in January. If you join during the year, dues are pro-rated by quarter.

Can my children join STAR Chapter 305?

Yes, and they would be included in the $30 family membership.

What are the requirements for attendance of meetings and rides once I become a STAR Chapter member?

You have to attend a minimum 51% of the meetings, activities, and rides to maintain voting status.

I have never ridden with a group before, can I still join?

Yes, we welcome you! Our Safety Committee and Shepherds will help you learn how to  

 safely ride in a group.


How often does the Chapter meet and ride?

Our Chapter meeting is held once a month and we try to ride a minimum of Twice per month. Please check out the calendar on our website for more information on our upcoming rides.

Where do rides start?

The Reno members meet somewhere in Reno, Carson City. Members in Carson City, and members from other cities in Northern Nevada meet us at other places. We  will let you know where the meeting points are, prior to rides. (Check the Rides Page for Details)

How long are the rides?

Chapter rides vary from 4-8 hours, and sometimes longer. Ride details are posted on the website with maps so we usually know in advance how long the rides will be.

Is it OK to drink alcohol on a ride?

No. As a family oriented organization we maintain a “no drugs/no drinking” policy on all Chapter rides.

Do I need to ride with a DOT approved helmet?

Yes, this is required by the State of Nevada for both the driver and the passenger.

What should I wear on rides?

Remember weather and road conditions dictate apparel. Leather is a protector but not required. Whenever we ride into the mountainous areas, the weather can change (layers are suggested). For safety, all skin should be covered and a full face helmet is recommended.


What is the difference between rockers and patches?

Rockers identify Chapter location, names, events, etc. Patches are the rest. The large star worn on the back of the vest is considered a patch. The large Reno, NV worn on the back of the vest is an example of a rocker. Also, the small Chapter 305 item worn on the front of the vest is a rocker. The Reno “Biggest Little City” logo seen on the vest of many 305 members’ vest is a patch.

Where do I get my patches and rockers?

Some rockers and patches are obtained from the International STAR website and some from our Chapter President. Please check with the President once you are a member of our Chapter.

Are there guidelines as to the appropriate placement of patches and rockers?

Yes, please check with our Chapter President and/or Sergeant at Arms regarding the proper placement.

Do I have to have a vest and patches/rockers?

No, but it is encouraged as a group identifier.

When can I wear my patches/rockers?

Most anytime. However, when wearing your patches/rockers; please be aware that you are representing STAR International and STAR Chapter 305 and that we are a family oriented organization.

What patches/rockers can I wear before I become a Chapter 305 member?

Any patch obtained thru STAR International.

What other patches can I wear?

Please remember that this is a family organization and if you have any patches that may be in question, please check with the Chapter President.

Can I fly flags on my motorcycle?


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