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I have heard about STAR Touring and Riding Association but I don’t own a Star Motorcycle. Can I join?
Answer: Yes you can! STAR Touring and Riding is a family organization and our family and friends don’t always own the same brand of bike. Although our main focus is the Star Motorcycle Line manufactured by Yamaha, we welcome all motorcyclists. When you join the STAR organization you’re going to make a lot of friends, some that will last a lifetime. Your membership is a family membership. Come join our family and have some fun! 

After joining STAR how long does it take to get my membership packet?
Answer: It takes 30-45 days (4-6 weeks) to get your membership packet in the mail. If you need to access the website forums before you receive your membership packet just CALL (520-292-0200), or e mail  three business days after applying online. You will then be given your Member ID and password while you’re waiting for your packet. Once you log in from print your information that comes up. This can be used as a temporary card.

My significant other wants to join STAR. Can they join under my membership? Is there an additional fee?
Answer: The STAR family membership includes two adults and up to four children for $48.00US. They can join under your membership (you must live in the same residence) there is no additional fee. Your membership also includes up to 4 children or grandchildren under the age of 18. Additional children or grandchildren are $10 each. Adding family members to your membership is easy, just login using your id and password, click on add member, type in the information and submit. Need help, call the office during normal business hours.

Do I have to join STAR to ride with a Chapter?
Answer: After signing the ride waiver and completing three chapter rides you must join STAR International to continue to ride with the group. The third ride needs to be completed five months after your first ride. This is a requirement of STAR Touring and the Charter License Agreement. You are then eligible to apply for chapter membership, you must be voted into the chapter. You can be a member of more than one Chapter.

Do I have to join the Chapter to ride with them?
Answer: You have to sign a  ride waiver to ride with any Chapter.You must join STAR International to continue to ride with the group after 3 rides. You can ride as a guest but you will need to follow the Chapter bylaws for that Chapter.

Chapter dues are $20.00 for a single rider or $30.00 for a family. Dues are paid in January, and are pro-rated quarterly.


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