Riding Tips

Here are some helpful riding tips

The day Before a group ride: Be sure your bike is safe and ready to ride. Check your bike’s tire pressures, oil level, hand and foot brakes and all lights and signals, mirrors. Download a copy of the hand signal flyer and be prepared to follow those signals from the Road Captain

Day of the ride: Fill your fuel tank just before arrival at the Ride Start location. Always start off every ride with a full tank of gas. We have similar cruising ranges and the Road Captain has a planned fuel stop between 100- 120 miles. Know how to change your fuel petcock to ‘reserve’ while riding.

Dress in layers for changeable weather. Although we will cancel a ride if it is actively raining before the ride start, those checking the weather forecast and having a rain suit, will be happier and more comfortable in the long run. Have enough money with you for bridge tolls, refreshments, lunch, and gas. We try to pick moderately priced restaurants for everyone’s benefit.

Cameras are encouraged and photos can be shared and posted.

At the Ride Start: You must fill out a Ride Waiver and have your license and insurance inspected by a Chapter Officer. This waiver will remain in effect through the end of the calendar year. Please notify an Officer if your information changes. Sign the Ride Attendance form, at the beginning of each ride. Be responsible for your passenger to do the same.
We will try to assign a Shepherd to new riders to keep them in the thick of things, ease their way into the group, and answer any questions, please ask!!

The Ride Start Time is the beginning time of the riders meeting, just prior to departing. Unless the ride information specifically has breakfast scheduled, you should eat before the ride start.

During Group Rides: We normally make a minimum of 3 stops on a ride; one or two stops on the way to our destination, for stretching, bathroom, snacks and refreshments. Usually 15 minutes. A lunch stop is normally one hour. Sometimes there will be an event or sightseeing, and a time will be given to meet back at the bikes. We’ll take one or two stops on the way back home, depending on distance. We try to stop every hour to hour & a half.

If you have a problem and need to stop: Signal by patting on the top of your helmet, turn on your right turn signal and pull over when safe. The Tail Gunner and one other bike will pull over with you. The rest of the bikes will follow the Road Captain until he pulls over. The Tail Gunner will stay with you. The other bike will pass the problem up to the Road Captain.

If you need to leave the ride early: Notify the Road Captain and a senior Chapter Officer, we want to take as many riders home as we left with. At the last rest stop the Road Captain and/or President will announce the official end of the ride, usually at a point convenient for the group to split up for home.